How to Keep a Family Living Room Clean

The living room is one of the frequently visited rooms and can quickly become messy. It serves multiple purposes, such as an entertainment zone, a meeting point for friends and family, and a place to relax. Therefore, it demands more attention when cleaning.


The following are some easy ideas that will keep a family living room organized.


1. Clear the Room of any Clutter

The living room receives some of the most traffic in the house, hence, a classic area for junk to accumulate. When tidying up, ensure you move items back into the rooms where they belong. Invest in closed shelves that will hide any unwanted items easily. Moreover, evaluate the things you need in the living room and the ability to manage them. Many unnecessary items in the living room are easy to clutter and make it difficult to tidy up and organize.


2. Vacuum Floors and Couches

You should vacuum your house regularly, especially if you have pets. If left unattended, pet hairs and droppings can attract germs and make the living room look messy. While vacuuming, use attachments to get into tight spaces. Also, remove appliances to ensure every surface is vacuumed.


3. Organize Your Media

Keep your books, magazines, or DVDs organized by corralling them in a dedicated area. This makes the living room feel organized, and it’s easier to locate such items when needed. If you have a bookshelf, regularly dust it off with a soft brush. If neglected, it can collect an awful lot of dust, making it difficult to organize.


4. Clean the Furniture Regularly

Furniture is expensive and requires attention to maintain its value. Keep your furniture clean with regular cleaning and dusting. This task should be performed weekly, mainly if your furniture is used often. Also, remove appliances that sit on the furniture to ensure every part is organized.


5. Surfaces

Surfaces such as ceilings, skirting boards, air-conditioning vents, blinds, and curtains are susceptible to dust. Regularly wipe down and dust these surfaces to prevent dust accumulation, which can lead to respiratory diseases. Also, consider investing in an air-purifying unit that helps keep your living room adequately ventilated and prevents the accumulation of dust on surfaces.


6. Utilize Unused Spaces

Large spaces in the living room provide space for dust and clutter to accumulate. Moreover, it makes cleaning look intimidating and challenging. Utilize unused spaces by installing shelves for additional storage.


7. Shampoo Your Carpets and Rugs

Shampooing your carpet maintains its value and makes it last longer, and keep it in good condition. You can either rent a machine or hire professionals to shampoo your carpets, depending on the carpet type and quality.


8. Create Storage

Having adequate space helps you in the organization process and makes it easier when it is time to tidy up. Some living room storage solutions include rubbish collector, shelving, ottoman, bookshelves, storage bench, and sliding cabinet doors.


9. Cushion Covers and Throw Rugs

Regularly wash cushion covers and throw rugs to remove stains and dust. Throw rugs should be cleaned once every two weeks on gentle cycle cold water.


10.Wash the Windows

Windows are often neglected and could accumulate stains and dust if left unattended. Wash windows inside and out, and use a squeegee to attain a streak-free finish. Contact professionals for deep cleaning occasionally.


11.Create Minimalistic Areas

Creating small spaces that are clean and sparse can make your family living room feel more organized. For instance, you can try to clear a few spots on your bookshelf where you can display artfully arranged objects.


12.Make Your Coffee Table Visible

Flat surfaces tend to be a landing zone for small devices such as keys, remotes, unopened mail, and magazines. Invest in baskets or trays since they tend to keep such small items organized and make accessibility easy when needed.


13.Install a Rubbish Collector

Installing a wastebasket helps keep your living room organized and organized by de-cluttering. Purchase the style that blends with your living room’s aesthetics, and empty it regularly.


As a high-traffic area, keeping a family living room organized can be a challenging task. Fortunately, the highlighted tips can make cleaning and organization seem easy.

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