Winnipeg Home Care Provider Offers Customized Care For Clients

When family members deal with hard times due to chronic illness, that doesn’t mean that life should change completely. Partners for Home, a new home home care service based in Winnipeg, Manitoba is looking to change the face of personal home care. And with the trained professionals associated with Partners for Home, one can be guaranteed that his/her loved ones will not only be well cared for, but they will be affirmed in their independence and dignity. 

“Our highly customized services are personalized for each Client’s individual needs. We work hard to create the best possible Partnership between you, your family and your individual home care Partner. Our own story fuels our passion to provide the highest possible Client Experience. Our ultimate goal is to enable our Client’s to maintain their independence, preference and privacy all in the security of their own home. With Partners for Home, it is your needs that come first.” 

Services from Partners for Home are offered 7 days a week, ranging from 3 hours per day to 24 hours with full on site staff to ensure total care for loved ones. Personal care, which assists with activities of daily living are meant to promote the client’s safety and physical comfort. And while not responsible for medical or nursing activities, Partners for Home’s team can coordinate their services with approved medical and nursing providers. Other services include family support or respite care, social support, along with housekeeping and house management. 

Partners for Home is looking to help families who have fallen into hard times and look to change the experience of in home health care with each of their new clients. More importantly Partners for Home strongly believes that the first step to making home health care a reassuring and affirming experience is to sit down and offer a customized plan based on the preferences of the client. Matching up the client with a skilled care provider from Partners for Home’s staff is a vital step that will help establish a relationship with the client that elevates the services that Partners for Home can provide for one’s loved ones. 

If a loved one is in need of home health care, contact Partners for Home through their website. Once communication is established, Partners for Home will send out a representative to have a no-cost, no- commitment meeting with families in the comfort of their own homes.

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