Plumbing Company Announces Their New Home Buyers Inspection Service

Cleanline, one of the fastest growing plumbing and drainage companies, in Winnipeg, is today pleased to announce the launch of their latest innovative service. The company is launching a New Home Buyers inspection service, which is designed to give new home buyers peace of mind about any prospective property they are planning to purchase. 

Anyone who has ever owned property knows that when a drainage or plumbing problem arises, it can be both expensive and destructive. The problem with a standard house survey is that the surveyors are focusing on structural matters, rather than services such as plumbing and electrical. This is because they are not qualified plumbers or electricians, and as a consequence, they are not in a position to comment on the state of the drainage or plumbing. 

Cleanline has priced their new service very competitively, to the extent where new home buyers would have to be extremely confident in the condition of their prospective new home, to not pay for the service. Plumbing and drainage problems can also develop over time, so even though things appear to the naked and untrained eye to be working to full capacity today, there is no guarantee that this will not change within the next two to three months. 

“We see and deal with the damage that a defective plumbing or drainage system can cause on a daily basis, and the effects can be devastating,” said Jeromy Peel. “We wanted to come up with a service where new homebuyers could invest a small amount of money to have their plumbing and drainage checked and given a clean bill of health by the experts before purchase. We also understand that buying a new property is an expensive proposition, which is why we have priced the service very aggressively. We are confident that this new service will prove very popular. 

Clean Line offers comprehensive plumbing and heating for Winnipeg; They are fully certified, insured, experienced, and reliable Red Seal plumbers who can help with all residential, commercial, and emergency plumbing needs. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at 

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