Coworking Vs Virtual Office: Which One Is the Best for You?

By Shalini M

Today, business owners and entrepreneurs can choose from multiple options as far as creating offices is concerned. They are not restricted to traditional offices anymore. The most popular options that are available to them include coworking space and virtual offices. Both of these are good options for consultants, contractors, freelancers and many other pros. Let’s find out the difference between a coworking space and a virtual office.

Virtual Office Space

Basically, it only exists in cyberspace, which means a freelancer will work in a virtual environment instead of a physical office. They will have to pay for certain benefits, such as fax handling, mail handling, street address, reception services, and answering services.

Coworking Space

On the other hand, a co-working space is different. This physical space is offered for renters based on different configurations. Typically, a co-working space may have more than one renters that share the space.

The Benefits of Each type

The benefits of a Virtual Office

They are a good choice for sole proprietors, freelancers, and consultants who can benefit from an actual physical address of the office. With a physical address, they can benefit from services, such as parcel delivery, mail handling and having a face-to-face meeting with clients.

Coworking Benefits

Coworking has the same benefits. The thing that separates it from a virtual office is that it’s an actual physical space where you can work. Basically, it’s a shared space where like-minded professionals get together to do their work.

Cost is the main benefit offered by both types of offices. If you are a freelancer or sole proprietor, you can buy it for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated office space.

Services of a Virtual Office

Although actual services depend upon the service provider, almost all virtual offices provide the following types of services and amenities:

  • Almost no need for conference rooms
  • Reception service
  • Voicemail service
  • Telephone answering
  • Parcel receiving
  • Fax and mail handling
  • Physical address

Coworking Services

  • Availability of private offices
  • Free access to different types of office machines
  • Support services
  • High-speed internet
  • Community break rooms

Opting for the Right Type of Office Space

So, this was a description of the difference between a co-working space and a virtual office. Now, the difficult part is to decide on the right option based on your needs. Know that the decision won’t be a difficult one. All you need to do is assess your situation properly.

If you work alone from different places and you don’t have plants to sit in the same office, you may give a go to a virtual office. On the other hand it also helps you work remotely and enjoy valuable services.

If you want a collaborative environment in a physical space, co-working space is your choice. In this type of rooms, you can enjoy the community of like-minded people who can share great ideas with you.

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