Canadian Debt Relief and Financial Rehab Company Opens Office In Antigonish, NS

HALIFAX Canada – 4 Pillars Debt Relief, an innovative debt relief and financial rehabilitation company which has successfully helped thousands of families escape the misery of debt and rebuild their financial future, is delighted to announce the opening of their latest office in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The new office will enable them to assist more people who are struggling with debt. 

The team at 4 Pillars Debt Relief understands that in many cases debt is a symptom of certain circumstances and life issues that a family may be facing. One of the key foundations of 4 Pillars Debt Relief is the education they provide to help their clients not only recover from their current situation but to prevent any problems with debt arising in the future. 

Every advisor at 4 Pillars Debt Relief is committed to helping their clients resolve the immediate financial crisis and move forward to follow their financial dreams. Debt does not have to be a constant in people’s lives, and with timely counselling and advocacy, a solid debt restructuring plan, and immediate credit rebuilding, it is more than possible to move on from debt, wiser, more financially solid, and fortified against ever going into debt again. 

“Everyone at 4 Pillars Debt Relief is passionate about helping customers reclaim their life from the shackles of debt,” said David Moffatt. “That is why we are so excited to be able to offer our services to residents in Antigonish, allowing us to help even more people. We chose Antigonish after extensive research and evaluation. This is the next step in helping more people receive the unbiased debt advice they desperately need and will allow us to provide financial literacy programs to more families” 

4 Pillars Consulting Group is one of Canada’s largest Debt Solution Providers and has advocated for debtors to resolve over one billion dollars of unmanageable consumer debt throughout Canada. Their clients have been able to eliminate up to 80 percent of their debt, rebuild a solid credit rating and receive the education and tools to remain debt-free. 4 Pillars Consulting Group helps their clients find the most effective solution and an affordable repayment based on their unique situation, helping them show restitution to creditors, and prevent claims of bankruptcy. 4 Pillars acts on behalf of the debtor, not the creditor, and focuses on financial rehabilitation and education as well as finding immediate solutions to financial problems. They are one of the only companies in the industry with this approach to debt elimination and financial restructuring, resulting in services that put debtors back on track, rebuilding credit and effectively managing their finances. They are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Canadain Debtors Association and proudly serve their local communities. 

For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at 

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