Alterna Cremation Celebrates First Year In Business

WINNIPEG Canada – Alterna Cremation, a locally owned and operated company that is based in Winnipeg is celebrating one year in business. The company is owned by Ashley Newton, a dynamic and motivated entrepreneur who is determined to transform the cremation industry with fresh modern ideas that are focused on the needs of the mourning families. 

The funeral and cremation industry is probably one of the most traditional business models in existence today; their business landscape having barely changed in hundreds of years. Ashley Newton was determined to change things. Fueled by her burning passion and desire to help people, she decided that working in the funeral industry was where she could achieve her goals. 

Ashley recognized that planning a funeral is one of the most challenging and difficult events that anyone will ever have to undertake. She also identified that more and more people wanted to take back control of these very personal events, and were interested in simple, direct cremations. With those ideas in mind, Alterna Cremations was born. Newton surpassed her business goals last year and is planning for expansion in 2020. 

“Burying a loved one is a heartbreaking experience for everyone concerned, but unfortunately, for hundreds of years the funeral industry took control of the proceedings, leaving the family feeling distant and upset,” said Ashley Newton. “Although this was always done with the best of intentions, I began to realize that for many people in mourning, this was not what they really wanted. It was, after all, their final opportunity to say goodbye to someone who they loved, and so I decided to set up Alterna Cremation – to essentially provide an alternative option for people. The response from people has been phenomenal, and I like to think that we have enhanced the funeral experience and helped to comfort the family members.” 

Alterna Cremation is an innovative and forward-thinking funeral home. At Alterna Cremation, they understand the importance of family. They believe in treating every family as they would their own. Every member of their staff is dedicated to guiding people through their painful and difficult journeys. Their complete focus is ensuring that they do everything in their power to meet the specific needs of each family they meet with. 

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