Software Company Wins Award For Best Ease Of Use Appointment Software

BookedIN, a locally owned software company based in Winnipeg Canada, is today delighted to announce that they have recently been awarded one of the 2019 “Best ease of use award” apps on 

These awards are based on verified user reviews, and as a consequence, are widely recognized as one of the best awards a software company can win. The appointment scheduling industry is hugely competitive, with a lot of big players involved. For such a small company to be recognized and voted for by their customers in sufficient numbers to win the award is a remarkable achievement. 

The simple fact of the matter when it comes to software design and development is that however powerful or impressive a piece of software is, if it is too complicated to use, then clients will never maximize its potential. Appointment scheduling, lies at the very foundation of every business, because if the salesperson fails to turn up to the appointment, then that is likely to result in any potential sale evaporating. 

“Great design and ease of use have always been the basis of our philosophy, from the very first day we launched the company,” said Mike Iwasiow. “We have invested a lot of time and energy in ensuring that our software is easy to use, reliable, and efficient, and we often receive positive feedback from our customers. However, we are thrilled that our customers felt so enamored with our products that they voted for us on Capterra. Although we are only a small team, this award will motivate us even further to keep developing and improving the software, but ease of use will always be a priority.” 

BookedIn is a locally owned and operated software development company based in Winnipeg, Canada. The company was born in 2010 due to a sense of frustration in 2010 due to personal frustrations at the chaos caused by appointment scheduling. The founders were frustrated by how painful it was to book appointments for common services, so they built software to make it better and schedule appointments online. Today their goal is much the same, but they have learned something else along the way. Life is short, and people spend most of it working. So their vision is to make work as enjoyable as possible. For more information about the company, and to learn more about their innovative appointment scheduling software, visit their website on

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