New Basement Insulation YouTube Channel Launches For Do-It-Yourselfers

Do-It-Yourselfers looking for the latest information on basement insulation are invited to subscribe to the all-new YouTube channel by Concrete Insulation System. This new channel promises to provide expert guidance and information on basement insulation, on a regular basis. 

This new YouTube channel was created specifically with the needs of people looking to refinish their basements in mind, and Concrete Insulation System welcomes input on which topics to explore. 

Ryan Cullen, Sales Representative at Concrete Insulation System said: “The Concrete Insulation System has the highest effective R-Value of all similar basement insulation systems. This system is moisture resistant and does not promote the growth of mold and mildew. It is also the only rigid insulation system on the market that has a built in mechanism for plumbing and leveling walls. If that’s not enough, the CIS system is incredibly easy to install. You can do it yourself with no experience and there are minimal tools required..” 

Concrete Insulation System’s Sales Representative goes on to say: “The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to teach people about the benefits of using CIS and how to use it properly. The more feedback we can get, the better we can serve our audience. 

Some of the planned subjects for upcoming videos include: 

Insulating Basement Walls – Using the concrete insulation system (CIS) to insulate concrete basement walls 

Preventing Mold in Basements – using code compliant insulating systems to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on basement walls. 

Finishing Basements – using correct insulation and materials to finish basements to be both comfortable and beautiful 

Further details on the channel, the direction and other information on Concrete Insulation System itself can be found on their website:  

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