More Canadians Discovering Alternative Cancer Treatments are Available in Canada

COVID-19 has enforced strict travel restrictions worldwide. Cancer patients who are looking for alternative treatments have traditionally travelled to clinics in the United States, Europe, or Mexico; due to the pandemic, they are currently unable to access therapies in these locations. Canadians are reading up on the options available to them in their own country and finding that advanced alternative therapies such as hyperthermia, ozone, and IV treatments are accessible to them here. Receiving treatment in Canada carries other benefits that patients were otherwise unaware of.

When patients travelled to other countries to receive treatment, it was difficult for doctors to monitor their progress. An advantage of getting therapy close to home is that the doctor can closely monitor their cancer patients with testing such as circulating tumour cell testing, IvyGene and standard tests such as tumour markers and blood counts. Adjustments can be made immediately if necessary. Some patients refuse standard cancer care because of the side effects that drugs like chemotherapy can have. The choice of the use of chemotherapy is up to the patient but a discussion on the pros and cons of the medicine should be discussed with an experienced naturopathic doctor familiar with both the benefits and side-effects of chemotherapy and how to work with the patient to get the best results either way. Therapies are customized according to the individual needs of each patient.  As well, effects of the environment account for 90% of all cancers and toxicity testing is essential to determine if there are carcinogens present and protocols for their removal. Each cancer case is unique and no two cancer treatments are the same. Success depends upon individualizing alternative and integrative/complementary cancer treatments.

With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, many cancer patients are unable to go to foreign treatment centres. Therefore, they are exploring the options available here in Canada, and are finding that the same powerful treatments are accessible. Before the pandemic, some cancer patients may have been unaware that naturopathic clinics in Canada offer some of the best treatments available in the world. Therapies designed to kill cancer cells without adverse toxic effects, such as using hyperthermia, ozone, and IV treatments such as IV high-dose vitamin C and Poly-MVA have typically required patients to travel to clinics outside Canada. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, many are exploring the clinics in their own country, and finding that they offer the same therapies.

Oncologists in Canada are not trained in naturopathic medicine; they tend to dismiss these treatments for that reason. Many do not understand that naturopathy is designed to be used alongside traditional treatments. When a patient receives alternative treatment in Canada, the naturopathic doctor can communicate closely with the oncologist to make certain that their therapies are complementary to traditional Western medicine. They can ensure that their treatment complements what the oncologist orders. Side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can be intense; naturopathic doctors design therapy plans to help manage these side effects so that patients can feel their best during these intense treatments. They adjust the therapies to suit the well-being of each patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Ceaser has seen a sharp increase in demand for alternative cancer treatments since the beginning of the pandemic. He has over 20 years of experience as a naturopathic doctor. His techniques employ the same advanced technology used elsewhere, since he has travelled the world to find the best treatments and bring them to patients in Canada. Those who are researching therapies in Canada have found that his clinic offers some of the best naturopathic care available in North America. For more information about his Winnipeg naturopath clinic and the services they provide visit Dr. Ceaser’s Website


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