Canadian Commercial Cleaning Company Experiencing Increase In Demand For Service

Winnipeg Canada – Anago Cleaning a franchise-style commercial cleaning company, based in Winnipeg Canada is experiencing a significant increase in inquiries and confirmed new business for their cleaning services. This is also being matched by significantly more inquiries from potential franchise owners. 

The commercial sector is always in need of cleaning services, and for many companies, it makes sound business sense to utilize an external company to deal with this aspect of their business. Anago, strive to deliver an outstanding service including their popular 2- hour response guarantee, for emergency situations. It is this attention to detail and forward thinking along with unmatched customer service that is the foundation upon which Anago Cleaning has built its brand. 

The franchise system also means that in many ways customers of Anago Cleaning benefit from large company dynamics but family owned customer service ethics. Although never guaranteed Anago have established systems and procedures in place to ensure that in the vast majority of cases new franchisees can establish and grow a business with confidence that it will become sustainable and viable in the long term. 

Although there are many franchise opportunities available to choose from the reputation and acknowledged success of the Anago Cleaning brand is responsible for the dramatic increase in inquiries. With a sustained increase in demand for commercial cleaning services, this is the perfect time to start a new Anago Cleaning franchise business. 

“Business is booming and shows no sign of slowing down,” said Rafiq Punjani. “ Luckily for us, we appear to be in the perfect scenario of increased demand for both our services and the franchise opportunity we provide. If anyone reading this is contemplating a franchise business, then please get in contact as we have many many areas available.” 

Anago is a cleaning company that services commercial facilities from 1,000-square-feet up to 200,000- square-feet, one – seven times per week, day or night. They provide commercial cleaning throughout the Greater Winnipeg area and serve some of the most recognizable companies in the marketplace. Companies trust Anago because they know they will take care of them. 

Their custodians provide general commercial cleaning for auto dealerships, movie theaters, country clubs, schools, daycares, and churches throughout Winnipeg. Their approach is to align the right cleaning crew with your facility type.

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