Business Transforming The Legal Industry Hiring Process

Calabasas CA – The internet has radically changed many businesses, since its inception. It is often blamed for the steady demise of the high street, but it has also been responsible for the creation of millions of jobs worldwide. However, there are certain industry sectors such as the legal profession, which many people would assume might remain immune, from the long reaching tentacles of the internet. 

After all, other than the necessity for a professional looking website, traditional wisdom states that an attorney business should not be affected by the internet, almost immune to the challenges it brings to other businesses. However, for many small to medium-sized legal companies there is a need to have an excess of legal employees on hand, to cope with any emergency requests from clients. This can prove to be expensive, and challenging to predict causing unnecessary expenditure to the company. The founders of Attorneys on Demand identified this as an issue over twenty years ago when they formed the company in 2001, and many attorney offices are now becoming aware of the benefits that using Attorneys on Demand delivers. 

The basic premise is that rather than retaining excessive numbers of staff to provide legal representation that you may never need, attorney offices can now benefit from a pay as you go approach to hiring legal assistance. Previously this could have been a risky strategy, as most companies only know a handful of attorneys and there is never any guarantee that they will be available when required. Attorneys on Demand has solved that problem, by providing access to thousands of highly-trained qualified attorneys who perhaps just as importantly have an intricate knowledge of local courts, procedures, and staff. As knowledge of Attorneys on Demand increases within the legal world, their popularity continues to rise, and as a consequence, the foundations of the legal business model are shifting. 

“We have seen a remarkable increase in demand for our services in the last few years, and if anything that momentum is actually increasing,” said Cliff Umans. “Many attorney businesses simply cannot afford the added expense of retaining legal representation to respond to emergencies, but they need to be confident that should a problem arise, they could quickly and easily get access to some of the best legal minds in their area. Attorneys on Demand has utilized the strengths of the internet to enable that process, and consumers are taking full advantage of it.” 

Attorneys on Demand is a business that helps lawyers’ offices to gain access to qualified attorneys on demand. They are committed to helping when a law firm is in a tight spot. With just hours to spare, they can find an attorney or court appearance professional to cover any hearing. Law firms who frequently require last-minute coverage may want to consider adding the information for Attorneys on Demand right to their speed dial. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at 

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