Attorneys On Demand Launches Innovative App To Help Clients Across The Country

Los Angeles CA – Attorneys on Demand, an innovative and unique legal service that is designed to connect attorneys with clients 24/7, is delighted to announce their latest innovation. The company has recently launched a mobile phone app, which is available on both Ios and Android devices and will enable attorneys interested in providing an on-call service to access the Attorney On Demand systems and accept new clients quickly and easily. 

This is the latest in a series of ideas that Attorneys on Demand have launched, with many more in the pipeline. The company is forward thinking in their thoughts and concepts and is focused on utilizing and maximizing the benefits of modern technology to grow their market share. 

The initial response from attorneys who are using the app has been overwhelmingly positive, with attorneys able to increase their business and client lists very rapidly, and without having to be tied to the office. 

“We are revolutionizing the way in which the legal profession operates its business, in our opinion in a very positive way,” said Cliff Umans of Attorneys on Demand. For attorneys in certain regions competition can be fierce, and Attorneys on Demand has always tried to find ways to resolve that issue. On the other side of the equation many people especially those who have been arrested for the first time, have no idea which lawyer to call and the first place their friends and family look to hire a lawyer tends to be the internet. We are convinced that our new app will help to bring our country-wide team of attorneys in contact with clients who need them, quickly and with the minimum of delay. We are convinced that this is a breakthrough product and are confident it will help many people now and in the future.” 

Founded in 2001 by Cliff Umans, Managing Director, Attorneys On Demand is committed to providing a cost-effective, streamlined and worry-free court appearance attorney solution. Prior to launching Attorneys On Demand, Cliff built 15 years of experience in the legal support services industry. As the need for appearance services grew, so did Attorneys On Demand. Over time, Attorneys On Demand has added new features to its proprietary online system and has trained a professional and knowledgeable team to help manage and support its clients’ court calendars more efficiently.

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