7 Latest Trends In Mobile App Development

Smartphones have occupied a vital portion of our daily life. We use an alarm clock, numerous apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and we listen to music, read the news, watch videos on YouTube, check our email, and so on. Everything runs nicely on our mobile devices due to the modern technologies of mobile applications.

Mobile applications are becoming a vital part of the digital system and are gaining traction in all aspects of life. Many entrepreneurs have poured money into mobile app development firms in recent years. Small businesses are gradually discovering the value of mobile apps and incorporating them into their operations. App development is one of the most interesting industry trends, and many businesses including the taxi industry are taking advantage of it.

For the mobile app development sector, there is a wide range of technologies that can be useful. Let’s take a look at some current mobile app development trends discussed below:

Portable applications

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for portable appearance, smartwatches, wristbands, and matching trackers. Whether it’s on the subway or at the gym, everyone is wearing the latest gadgets. These may do everything from assisting you in navigating to your location to allowing you to make a phone call without having to use your phone! Portable applications are one of the most promising development trends, given the vast potential of the portable device industry.

Wearables are also propelling m-commerce and being user-friendly.

Cloud application

Cloud technology and its impact on our collective lives are being discussed by everyone from customers to IT professionals. Cloud computing has finally found a home in mobile applications these days. We’re now looking at a strong mobile app that harvests data directly from the cloud while taking up very minimal internal storage space on the smartphone.
M-commerce is establishing a new benchmark.
Many clients choose to use Google Pay and Apple Pay instead of credit or debit cards these days. It boosts m-commerce.


Chatbots are computer programmes that mimic human speech to assist users in achieving their goals. There are many different sorts of chatbots to choose from, including virtual assistants like Google Alexa, Assistant, and Siri, as well as chatbots that may be found on websites, online apps, and other places.

Nowadays chatbots are one of the most popular mobile app development trends for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that they provide an engaging discussion experience. Another reality that UI/UX designers and chatbot developers around the world are quickly realizing is that standard app interfaces are no longer sufficient. The mobile chatbot application provides a unique application interface that allows users to communicate with the organization in a seamless manner.

Internet of Things (IoT) integration in mobile applications

The growing demand for integrating intelligent things into applications requires the development of IoT applications. The IoT is a network of elements related to the Internet that collect and exchange data. The demand for IoT integration is evident in past trends in iOS and mobile application development. New IoT technologies are shaping healthcare, AI devices, smart cars, smart homes and more.

Role of EMM and APM

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) are the two main mechanisms of the event process for mobile applications.
App Performance Management may be a mobile metric. it had been released to scale back issues that tend to hamper app performance. Therefore, APM contributes to a rise in overall functionality. Because of this importance, APM has become an appropriate tool for quality assurance testers to check applications. On the opposite hand, the EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management platform helps companies securely activate the mobile devices employees use and support portable computers in organizing business events.

Multiplatform development

Mobile app development for Android includes Flutter, a replacement technology from Google. Flutter provides developers with comprehensive tools for developing iOS and Android apps from one codebase. The Flutter platform is a JavaScript bridged mobile SDK that needs reactive views. Check here to learn more about Best taxi booking app development company to develop your own taxi booking mobile application.

Blockchain and decentralized applications

Blockchain technology is the technology that drives cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the foremost well-known. The best idea behind this is often to make a decentralized database that’s piracy-proof and fraud-protected. Blockchain technology is employed to offer safety to payments or to access the network by generating tokens, used for authentication. With database decentralization, nobody can modify the records within the database to urge unauthorized access. Technology is typically only seen within the context of cryptocurrencies but is changing with the tech experts’ interest. Microsoft has launched a blockchain-based framework called Coco, which aims to extend blockchain adoption within the corporate sector and be a starting line for developing blockchain-based mobile applications.

Hope now you know all about the modern trending mobile application development technologies and it’s usage. The taxi industry is a growing industry that is utilizing mobile applications effectively. If you want to launch your own taxi booking application, learn more about Best taxi booking app development company here.

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